Saturday, February 25, 2012

PMR Candidates 2012

Annyeonghaseyo ! lame ann saye tak update blog nie . jap-2 , ade sesiape rindu saye tak ? haha . I know no one will miss me right ? xD mcm-2 cerita saye nak share dgn korang sume , tp saye tak tahu nak cerita yang mane satu . haha ~

btw , i'm one of PMR candidates this year . waohh , so scared ! ! hahaha ~ boleh tak kalau tak amik exam nie ? xD . tahun nie saye busy dengan study + study + study . ! :) so saye kene kurengkan INTERNET . :( . Saye nak mintak pendapat korang boleh tak ? hehe ~ Okay-2 , kalau pendapat korang PMR susah tak ? wahahaha ~ Mesti korang rase ade yg senang and ade yg susah , right ? abg saye , woahh , he got straight A lor ~ dasyat tak-2 ? hahaha , alah dia tuh budak pandai , boleh la dpt straight A . hahaha ~ apa-2 pon saye nak dpt jugak straight A . boleh dpt present from my parent . hahaha ~ Okay la , saye dah malas . haha ~ Pai paii . :)

Monday, February 06, 2012

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Yunho !

Happy Birthday “Our Charming Leader” I hope you have a great day today ! :)

You’re the man. You’re the boss, you are Yunho. Our strong baby bear, oh how you’ve grown so much. In the short 8-9 months I’ve stuck with DBSK, Jung Yunho, you’re the most courageous leader I’ve known. Your eyes are always shining even when you’re down and you’re always doing the best for others despite the travesties burdened unto you. Passion at what you do, that’s what you’re good at, you’re constantly putting all your heart and effort into anything you’re working on. Thank you for carrying the name of TVXQ! with pride and for never giving up. You’re a role model. Hope you have a great 26th and all the best to you.
Because the world now knows U-know.