Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Taecyeon Oppa !

Happy Birthday Taecyeon Oppa ! ! ! Hope you happy with 2PM member today ! xD Oppa wanna present ? Ask Junho Oppa , I already give to Junho Oppa ! haha

Among them were fellow bandmates Junsu and Nichkhun who tweeted, “Happy Birthday to Taecyeon who is sitting next to me!!“, and “Happy Birthday @taeccool! We’re getting old~~~~

Singer Brian Joo also tweeted the idol star saying, “Happy birthday~ hope it’s a good one“, while label mate Min of miss A tweeted, “Happy birthday to you!“. 2AM‘s Jo Kwon shared the photo below and wrote, “Taecyeon hyung!!!! Happy Birthday~~~~^_^*” while singer G.NA tweeted him, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEC! Grown up oldie now~~^^;

Taecyeon who was overwhelmed by all the Happy Birthday greetings wrote on his own Twitter page, “Thank u everyone!! I feel so loved tonight!! Everyone becareful not to catch cold and have a wonderful Okcat Day!!”

Btw , Happy Birthday to Taecyeon Oppa !