Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saengil Chukha Hamnida Taecyeon Oppa !

Happy Birthday Taecyeon Oppa ! ! ! Hope you happy with 2PM member today ! xD Oppa wanna present ? Ask Junho Oppa , I already give to Junho Oppa ! haha

Among them were fellow bandmates Junsu and Nichkhun who tweeted, “Happy Birthday to Taecyeon who is sitting next to me!!“, and “Happy Birthday @taeccool! We’re getting old~~~~

Singer Brian Joo also tweeted the idol star saying, “Happy birthday~ hope it’s a good one“, while label mate Min of miss A tweeted, “Happy birthday to you!“. 2AM‘s Jo Kwon shared the photo below and wrote, “Taecyeon hyung!!!! Happy Birthday~~~~^_^*” while singer G.NA tweeted him, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEC! Grown up oldie now~~^^;

Taecyeon who was overwhelmed by all the Happy Birthday greetings wrote on his own Twitter page, “Thank u everyone!! I feel so loved tonight!! Everyone becareful not to catch cold and have a wonderful Okcat Day!!”

Btw , Happy Birthday to Taecyeon Oppa !

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kyeopta Leng Zhaii !

Entri kali ini paling tak betul . wae ? mollayo ! hahahhaha . okay okay . tadi mase saye tngah fb-ing , saye ad write kat wall sorang budak tuh . sebenarnya saye nak tnya nama budak yang kata saye G****K . tp , tak kesempaian ! hahahahha . sebab ad sesuatu yang lebih interest . hehehe

Straight to the point , mase saye with maa family nak balek tepeng *our homes* mase tuh ade kazen saye *iman nan hadi* . Kami singgah pergi Pacific Parade Alor Star dulu nak beli maa kasut , maa bro kasut dengan alat tulis maa sis . :D

Masa maa sis tengah pilih2 dye punya barang , saya nan kazen saye pon pergi belek2 la pen faber castell la , stapler , pemadam , pembaris , mcm2 lar . hahahha . masa tuh saye ternampak soarang leng zhai , kyeopta giler . muke dye mcm saye pernah tengok . hahaha . masa tuh saye nan kazen saye belek pen leng zhai tuh pulak tngah sembang with kwn2 dye . *lengzhaituhstaffkatsitu* . Saya nan kazen saye belek2 la pen faber castell *belek je tp hampeh tak beli langsung* . Belek3 tetibe je kazen saye cakap "weiyh biha tuh ada orang pandang hang" saye pon cakap la "mana ? mana ? mana ?" dye cakap "tuh tepi hang tuh" . Saya pon tngok lar .
Tetibe geng tuh tengok saye . Then , saye cakap la kat kazen saye "tengok2 ap , tampar baru tau . tak penah tengok org ka" . Pastu kami nak pegi kat tingkat bwh . nkk beli kasut sekolah saye . hehhe line7 tuh ! hahahha . Masa saye nak bayar kasut tuh kat kaunter , tetibe saye nampak leng zhai tuh . saye ckp la kat kazen saye "weiyh , tngok tuh , laki tuh" dye cakap la "dye cari hang la tuh" saye cakap "takde pasai" hahaha . Leng zhai tuh kyeopta giler ! Muke dye mcm saye pernah tngok ! tp , sapa dye ? !! hahahha

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday JunHyung !

Saengil Chukha Hamida JunHyung ! Wish you have a great today with BEAST member .
I hope you happy today !!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Giveaway from Korea & Sydney

Thanks Syeki coz tag me ! :D
Wahaha , nie first saye join bende2 mcm nie . haha
Sebelum nie tak penah langsung ! xD

Ok ok . kalau nak join nie mesti ada syaratnya kan ? :)

Syarat - syarat Giveaway :

1. Buat satu entri dengan tajuk diatas , letak banner comel tu & link kan entri ini .
2. Kalau nak tag kawan pun dialu - alukan . Kalau tak nak pun takpe , markah tak kan ditolak .
3. Kalau nak follow blog ini , dipersilakan . Kalau tak nak pun takpe , still tak tolak markah .
4. Hantar link entri anda di ruangan komen entri ini sebelum 25 Disember 2011 pada jam 2.00 petang .

Tag :

ps: saye doakan agar akak syaza dapat keputusan yang cemerlang dalam SPM !
Hwaiting ! xD

Happy Birthday Junsu !

Saengil chukhahamida Junsu ahh . I hope you always smile and I hope you have a happy day today .

Monday, December 12, 2011

Miss "S" Punya Angkara !

heyy , lame ann sye tak update blog ! kekeke . busy women katakan ! hahaha . Dah le taun depan sye nak PMR , aigoo tkotnyer ! xD . actually sye nak story something nie . hehehe

Petang tadi sye , iman , adik nan izul ngah maen 'kerom' , then , ma kazen , iman dye trpegang "Miss S" pastu dye menjerit mcm org tak betul !! hahaha . sye pelik kenape dye jerit pastukan pastukan dye lari pergi atas kerusi , then sye pon trnampak "Miss S" tuh menuju ke arah sye *lagi sikit "Miss S" tuh nak dekat nan sye , tekejot sye* then , sye lari lintang pukang pergi atas kerusi . masa iman jerit sye p tetiba jerit slow je , lps nmpak "Miss S" sye jerit kuat2 ! hahaha
Thennn , nasib baik ada Super Mak cik sye yang memburu dan kill "Miss S" tuh sampai kayu patah dua Mak cik sye kerjakan ! hahaha . Masa tuh sye duduk atas kerusi mcm org tak betul . *Blurrr* Walaupun "Miss S" dah kena kill sye tkot nak bangun dari kerusi ! hahaha
Sampai nak mandi pon takot ! ahahahaha

First time nampak "Miss S" depan mata dengan jarak *takthu* xD

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin !

Saengil chukhahamnida Kevin !!!
I hope you have a great day today and I hope you always smile everyday and happy with the other U-KISS member !

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Lee ByungHyun

Saengil Chukhamnida Lee Byunghyun or L . Joe *bad rapper* xD .
I hope you have a fun day today ! hehehe ! :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jang Dongwoo oppa!

hari nie masa saye buka twitter ada nampak tweet dari twitter Dongwoo,
dia ada post gambar pasal hari jadi dia. nak tgk ?

Origins of Fan Club Names !

I’m sure you already know that Big Bang’s fan club name is VIP, or that 2PM’s fan club name is Hottest…but don’t you ever wonder how these names came about or why they were chosen?

Well, look here and find the answer to those questions!

Note: Not every fan club name is on this list.


2AM (I Am): 2PM + 2AM = One Day. Put the two names together and you get “I Am Hottest”

2PM (Hottest): JYP considers 2:00 PM as the hottest time of day.

2NE1 (Blackjacks): 21 is the highest number a person can achieve while playing Blackjack.

4Minute (4Nia): 4Minute Mania.

After School (Play Girlz): Pledis asked fans to give suggestions. Play Girlz was the name chosen and it’s the name of a track on their first mini album.

B2ST (B2UTY): Beauty and the Beast.

Big Bang (VIP): VIP stands for “Very important person”. Their second single La La La is also referred to as Big Bang is VIP.

BoA (Jumping BoA): The idea that BoA’s lively and energetic music makes her fans dance and jump.

Brown Eyed Girls (Everlasting): The four members that make up BEG are unified with their fans for everlasting.

CN Blue (Boice): A combination of “Blue” and “Voice”. FNC Music declares that CN Blue’s fans are their voice.

DBSK (Cassiopeia): The constellation Cassiopeia is made of five points that create a “W” in the sky. The group DBSK also uses the synonym TVXQ. Tracing TVXQ on a keyboard coincidentally makes a ‘W’. The Cassiopeia fanclub refers to themselves as Cassies for short.

Epik High (High Skool): High Skool is the name of a song off their album High Society.

F.Cuz (Runways): No official explanation, but to F.Cuz, their fans are like their runways. (Jomarie’s Explanation: To F.Cuz, their fans are their runways. They are their support, their base, and their foundation. Without a runway a plane can’t take off and a model can’t cat-walk.)

FT Island (Primadonna): Named after the title of a song from their first studio album.

Girls’ Generation (S♥NE): When written in Hangul SONE is “소원”, which means “wish”, and was a song featured on their first album as well as in the title of their song Tell Me Your Wish. It also has a deeper meaning: “소원” (SoWun), pronounced “So One”, implies that Girls’ Generation will always be one with their fans.

Infinite (Inspirit): Woollim Entertainment held a poll and Inspirit received 70% of the vote.

Jay Park (Jaywalkers): Jay wanted his fans to choose the name. The fans submitted the names and it was narrowed down to three chosen by Jay. The fans chose Jaywalkers in the final poll.

Jewelry (Jewel Box): Jewelry is best kept safe and protected in a Jewel Box.

KARA (Kamilia): KARA‘s fans are like their family. Put KARA and the Spanish word “familia” together and you get Kamilia.

MBLAQ (A+): All the members of MBLAQ have the blood type A, and the “+” comes from Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality. The “Absolute Quality” is A+.

Miss A (Say A): The name was announced by Miss A via a video posted to their daum cafe in the hopes that fans will shout “Say A” at their performances.

Rain (The Cloud): Clouds carry and bring the rain.

Se7en (Lucky Se7en): Se7en himself believes that his fans bring him luck. It also is a reference to seven as a lucky number.

SHINee (SHINee World): Named after their first studio album. SHINee fans also refer to themselves as Shawols. It’s a shortening of SHINee World (샤이니월드), SHYA and WOL = SHAWOLS.

Sistar (Star1): Starship Entertainment held a poll and STAR1 received the most number of votes. Additionally, if you combine the word “star” and the Korean word for one, you get STA(R) + IL = STYLE.

SS501 (Triple S): SS in SS501 stands for Super Star. The added “S” stands for Supporter.

Super Junior (Everlasting Friends AKA ELFs): This name is given to their fans who will always be their fans and love them no matter what. Also, it means that their fans are more than fans to them, they’re more like dear friends.

Teen Top (Andromeda): No official explanation given, but it is assumed since Andromeda is the daughter of constellation Cassiopeia, that it may have something to do with that. (Teen Top = DBSK’s Daughter?)

U-Kiss (Kiss Me): If U-Kiss were to ask “Who should I kiss?” the fans would reply “Kiss ME!”

Wonder Girls (Wonderful): Fans are “full of wonder” for the Wonder Girls.

ZE:A (ZE:A Style): ZE:A Style was one of ten contenders for a fan club name, and voting through their daum cafe revealed that ZE:A STYLE was the winner.


Fan Club Names & Colour

Do you wanna know if you’re a VIP or a Hottest? Or maybe you don’t know what kind of color balloon to bring to the next Suju concert?

Well, have no fear! Look at this list of names of K-Pop Fan Clubs and Colors and be prepared for next time when someone asks you “What are you?” or “What are you bringing to the concert?”

[Note: If something is wrong or if you want to add something, just let us know.]



2AM: I Am

2PM: Hottest

2NE1: Blackjack

4Minute: 4NIA

A Pink: Pink Panda

After School: Play Girlz

Ast’ 1: Eunice



Baby v.O.X: Baby Angels

Big Bang: V.I.P

Block B.: BBC (Block B Club)

BoA: Jumping BoA (Korea) & SOUL (Japan)

Boyfriend: Bestfriends

Brown Eyed Girls: Everlasting

C.N. Blue: Boice

Co-Ed School: Classmates (Unofficial)

Click B: NIZI

CSJH The Grace: Shapley

Dalmatian: Dalmate

Dal Shabet: Darlings

DBSK: Cassiopeia

Davichi: Girls High

Epik High: High Skool

f(x): Aff(x)tion (Unofficial)

F.Cuz: Runway

F.T. Island: Primadonnas

Fly to the Sky: Fly High

Fin.K.L: Pinky

G- Dragon: Applers

Girls Day: DAI5Y

Girls’ Generation: SONE

G.Na: G.Ni

g.o.d: Fan God

HoMin: HolyShinki

H.O.T: White Angels

Ivy: Ivynus

Jang Geun Seuk: Eels

Jay Park (aka Jaebeom): Jay Effect (Note: Individuals are called Jay Walkers)

Jewelry: Jewel Box

JYJ: Orion

Infinite: Inspirits

KARA: Kamilia

Kim Bum (Actor): Bummies

Kim Hyun Joong: Henecia

Kim Jong Kook: Papitus

Kim So Eun: Angels

Koyote: Little Ssun


Lee Min Ho (Actor): Minoz

Lee Seung Gi: Airen


M.I.L.K: Milky Way

Miss A.: Say A

One Way: One Love

Outsider: Presto

Rain: Clouds

Se7en: Lucky 7

SeeYa: SeeYa With You

SG Wannabe: Love Room

SHINee: SHINee World (Shawol)

Shinhwa: Shinhwa Changjo

Sistar: Star 1

SM The Ballad: Balladears

SS501: Triple S

Super Junior: Everlasting Friend (E.L.F)

Supernova: Tinkerbell

T-ara: Diadem (Unofficial)

Teen Top: Andromeda

T-Max: Mighty Max


U-Kiss: Kiss Me

V.O.S: Soulmate

Wonder Girls: Wonderful

Younha: YounHapia

ZE:A: ZE:A Style


After School: Yellow

2PM: Grey

2NE1: Hot Pink

4Minute: Pearl Purple

B2ST: Dark Grey

Baby V.O.X: Pearl Pink

Big Bang: No official color. Instead, VIPs wave black and white handkerchiefs (in lieu of balloons) or yellow crown lightsticks

Block B.: Purple

BoA: Pearl Yellow

Click B: Green

C.N. Blue: Blue (???)

CSJH The Grace: Pastel Pink

DBSK: Pearl Red

Epik High: Black

f(x): Pearl Light Periwinkle

F.T. Island: Sunshine Yellow Flag w/ Icon (called Pentasticks)

Fly to the Sky: Sky Blue

Fin.K.L: Red

Girls’ Generation: Pearl Pink Heart Shaped Balloons

g.o.d: Sky Blue

H.O.T: White

Ivy: Lime Green

Jewelry: Blue

KARA: Pearl Peach

Koyote: Pearl Blue

MBLAQ: Pearl Chocolate

M.I.L.K: Pink

Paran: Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue

Psy: Rolled up newspaper

Rain: Silver

Se7en: Lime Green 7-shaped Glowsticks

SeeYa: Pearl Light Pink

SG Wannabe: Pearl Gold

SHINee: Pearl Aqua (Lightstick & Balloon)

Shinhwa: Orange

Sistar: Fuchsia

SS501: Pearl Light Green

Super Junior: Pearl Sapphire Blue

Teen Top: Pearl Light Lavender

T-Max: Pearl Midnight Blue

Trax: Pearl Cobalt Blue (Glowsticks)

U-Kiss: Pearl Fuschia

V.O.S: Pearl Burgundy

Wonder Girls: Pearl Burgundy

Zhang Li Yin/Jang Ri In: Metal Pearl Light Gold (China), Mint Green (Korea)




CL – CLassifieds

Bom - BOMshells

Dara - DARAlings

Minzi - MINJas


Doojoon – DJs | Yoonique

Hyunseung – Honeys

Junhyung – Jesters

Yoseob – Yobeos

Kikwang – Aces

Dongwoon – Swooners


Sunggyu – Chingyus

Sungyeol – Yeollipops

Sungjong – SUNGels

Woohyun – Newclears

Dongwoo – Woonique

Hoya – Hoyatics

L/Myungsoo – eLements


G.O – G.Orgeous (Unofficial)

Lee Joon – J+

Mir – MIRacle

Thunder – Soonja

Seungho – Seungholics


Onew – MVP’s

Taemin – Taemints

Jonghyun – Blingers

Key – Lockets

Minho – Flames


Taeyeon – Taeganger

Jessica – Gorjess spazzer

Hyoyeon – Hyohunnie

Yuri – Yurisistable

Tiffany – Fanytastic

Sooyoung – SooYoungster

Sunny – SunShiner

Yoona – YoonAdict

Seohyun – SeoMate

Super Junior:

Kyuhyun – Gamers/Kyuties

Leeteuk – Angels

Heechul – Petals or Undeads

Ryeowook – Ryeosomniacs

Sungmin – Mings or VitaMins

Eunhyuk – Jewels

Donghae – Fishies/Fishes

Yesung – Clouds

Hangeng – Gengster

Kangin – Camomile

Shindong – ShinFriends

Siwon – Siwonest

Kibum – Snower

Super Junior M:

Henry – Strings

Zhou Mi – Honeys or Mitangs

Teen Top:

CAP – Cappers | Captives | Captain

Chunji – Chunsas (Angels)

Niel – emotioNIELs

L.Joe – LJjangs

Ricky – Lovelies

Changjo – Changsters

U-Kiss (Unofficial but widely known):

Soohyun - Soohyunites
Eli - Elisonaics
Alexander (Former) - Xanderettes
AJ - AnJels
Hoon - Hoonstars
Kibum (Former) - Bumsters
Kiseop - Kiseopians
Dongho - Dongholics
Kevin - Kevinites (Unsure)

I take this from SuMandu !

Happy Birthday Jong Dong Woo ! ! !

##Happy rapper infinite ! ! ! xD Saengilchukhahamida DongWoo oppa ! ! ! I hope you happy today with other member ! Anyway , Happy Birthday Dong Woo oppa ! ! May god bless you ! :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Junior : Dancing Sorry Sorry Ring Ding Dong in Paris

Donghae's famous SORRY, SORRY habit

Kyeopta !


heyy guys mesti korang trtanya-tanya ape yg kyeopta sangat nih ! sebenarnya, kita cuma nak cakap yg seorang member group U-KISS nih . nama dia Yeo Hoon Min or his stage name Hoon .
Hoon oppa jinjja kyeopta !!!! Nak tngok pic Hoon oppa ?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Day School !

Annyeong ! Apa khabar sume ? hrp2 sehat lah ye ! :D
Ari nie last day skolah , sedihnye ! Tak bole jmpe kwn kite ann ? :(

Tdy kat skolah sy asyik cari dye jew , tp
dye tak dtang ! tp , bkn dye tak dtang skolah . dye dtang tp dye pergi main bola kat padang ! teruk kebenor dye tuh ! sy tak dpt jmpe dye buad kali terakhir ! sedihnye !

Dye tuh bagi saye ensem lar . hehehe tp , kalo bagi org laen ... tak tau lar .. Nk tngok pic dye tak ? tp , xde pic dye sorang . dye tak suke tangkap gmbor sorang2 ! malu lar kot ! hahaha

Tuh dye yang tengah tuh ! ensem tak ? hehehe
tp tak lar sehensem budak nie .

My hubby ! hahaha
takde lar , gurau je .

Jangan jealous sya dengan my hubby tuh , especially , YOU !

Saya tag




Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Annyeong all ! how are you ?

Secara logiknya aku sememang single , tp
aku terpaksa cakap dekat budak tuh yang aku
ade boyfriend *jahat* ! huahaha
bak kata orang , aku nie kaki kelentong ! xP

Name bf aku tuh Muhammad Fizy Haikal b Ibrahim !
dye tuh sememangnye tak pernah wujud dalam dunia nie ! xP
Aku cakap lar kat budak tuh yang bf aku nie dari Penang , pastu
form 4 lar , ape kebende lar . macam2 aku kelentong dye !
Dye pon percaye lar ! haha

Aku rase seronok sebab dapat kelentong budak tuh ! hahha
padan muke kau ! sape suruh kau asyik tnye aku single ke tak ! :P
amik kau ! kene kelentong idup2 ! xP

Aku suka kelentong orang yang suka tanya aku
macam2 ! hahaha

btw , aku happy sebab aku single ! haha
Takde boyfriend pon boleh idup la ! xD
Ade boyfriend pon menyusahkan jew !