Friday, April 29, 2011

About Ainatul Nabihah

Hey I'm Nur Ainatul Nabihah Bt Mohd Nazri 13 years old from Malaysia. I like to have friends all over the world that's why I really like to make social network :D
I'm not really good in English and I'm still learn on it. I can speak mandarin chinese ( a bit ) English and Korean ( a bit ). Many my friend say I'm funny person but I don't think it. haha Im nice person if you are nice ! Im just a simple girl !
I'm just want to share something about my life and experiences. I'm unique one. I used to make this blog to share my experience to everyone!! So if you want me to know about me just read this or add me on facebook! :D I don't like to be famous just want to be a normal life with my friends and family special with my someone !!