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Fan Club Names & Colour

Do you wanna know if you’re a VIP or a Hottest? Or maybe you don’t know what kind of color balloon to bring to the next Suju concert?

Well, have no fear! Look at this list of names of K-Pop Fan Clubs and Colors and be prepared for next time when someone asks you “What are you?” or “What are you bringing to the concert?”

[Note: If something is wrong or if you want to add something, just let us know.]



2AM: I Am

2PM: Hottest

2NE1: Blackjack

4Minute: 4NIA

A Pink: Pink Panda

After School: Play Girlz

Ast’ 1: Eunice



Baby v.O.X: Baby Angels

Big Bang: V.I.P

Block B.: BBC (Block B Club)

BoA: Jumping BoA (Korea) & SOUL (Japan)

Boyfriend: Bestfriends

Brown Eyed Girls: Everlasting

C.N. Blue: Boice

Co-Ed School: Classmates (Unofficial)

Click B: NIZI

CSJH The Grace: Shapley

Dalmatian: Dalmate

Dal Shabet: Darlings

DBSK: Cassiopeia

Davichi: Girls High

Epik High: High Skool

f(x): Aff(x)tion (Unofficial)

F.Cuz: Runway

F.T. Island: Primadonnas

Fly to the Sky: Fly High

Fin.K.L: Pinky

G- Dragon: Applers

Girls Day: DAI5Y

Girls’ Generation: SONE

G.Na: G.Ni

g.o.d: Fan God

HoMin: HolyShinki

H.O.T: White Angels

Ivy: Ivynus

Jang Geun Seuk: Eels

Jay Park (aka Jaebeom): Jay Effect (Note: Individuals are called Jay Walkers)

Jewelry: Jewel Box

JYJ: Orion

Infinite: Inspirits

KARA: Kamilia

Kim Bum (Actor): Bummies

Kim Hyun Joong: Henecia

Kim Jong Kook: Papitus

Kim So Eun: Angels

Koyote: Little Ssun


Lee Min Ho (Actor): Minoz

Lee Seung Gi: Airen


M.I.L.K: Milky Way

Miss A.: Say A

One Way: One Love

Outsider: Presto

Rain: Clouds

Se7en: Lucky 7

SeeYa: SeeYa With You

SG Wannabe: Love Room

SHINee: SHINee World (Shawol)

Shinhwa: Shinhwa Changjo

Sistar: Star 1

SM The Ballad: Balladears

SS501: Triple S

Super Junior: Everlasting Friend (E.L.F)

Supernova: Tinkerbell

T-ara: Diadem (Unofficial)

Teen Top: Andromeda

T-Max: Mighty Max


U-Kiss: Kiss Me

V.O.S: Soulmate

Wonder Girls: Wonderful

Younha: YounHapia

ZE:A: ZE:A Style


After School: Yellow

2PM: Grey

2NE1: Hot Pink

4Minute: Pearl Purple

B2ST: Dark Grey

Baby V.O.X: Pearl Pink

Big Bang: No official color. Instead, VIPs wave black and white handkerchiefs (in lieu of balloons) or yellow crown lightsticks

Block B.: Purple

BoA: Pearl Yellow

Click B: Green

C.N. Blue: Blue (???)

CSJH The Grace: Pastel Pink

DBSK: Pearl Red

Epik High: Black

f(x): Pearl Light Periwinkle

F.T. Island: Sunshine Yellow Flag w/ Icon (called Pentasticks)

Fly to the Sky: Sky Blue

Fin.K.L: Red

Girls’ Generation: Pearl Pink Heart Shaped Balloons

g.o.d: Sky Blue

H.O.T: White

Ivy: Lime Green

Jewelry: Blue

KARA: Pearl Peach

Koyote: Pearl Blue

MBLAQ: Pearl Chocolate

M.I.L.K: Pink

Paran: Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue

Psy: Rolled up newspaper

Rain: Silver

Se7en: Lime Green 7-shaped Glowsticks

SeeYa: Pearl Light Pink

SG Wannabe: Pearl Gold

SHINee: Pearl Aqua (Lightstick & Balloon)

Shinhwa: Orange

Sistar: Fuchsia

SS501: Pearl Light Green

Super Junior: Pearl Sapphire Blue

Teen Top: Pearl Light Lavender

T-Max: Pearl Midnight Blue

Trax: Pearl Cobalt Blue (Glowsticks)

U-Kiss: Pearl Fuschia

V.O.S: Pearl Burgundy

Wonder Girls: Pearl Burgundy

Zhang Li Yin/Jang Ri In: Metal Pearl Light Gold (China), Mint Green (Korea)




CL – CLassifieds

Bom - BOMshells

Dara - DARAlings

Minzi - MINJas


Doojoon – DJs | Yoonique

Hyunseung – Honeys

Junhyung – Jesters

Yoseob – Yobeos

Kikwang – Aces

Dongwoon – Swooners


Sunggyu – Chingyus

Sungyeol – Yeollipops

Sungjong – SUNGels

Woohyun – Newclears

Dongwoo – Woonique

Hoya – Hoyatics

L/Myungsoo – eLements


G.O – G.Orgeous (Unofficial)

Lee Joon – J+

Mir – MIRacle

Thunder – Soonja

Seungho – Seungholics


Onew – MVP’s

Taemin – Taemints

Jonghyun – Blingers

Key – Lockets

Minho – Flames


Taeyeon – Taeganger

Jessica – Gorjess spazzer

Hyoyeon – Hyohunnie

Yuri – Yurisistable

Tiffany – Fanytastic

Sooyoung – SooYoungster

Sunny – SunShiner

Yoona – YoonAdict

Seohyun – SeoMate

Super Junior:

Kyuhyun – Gamers/Kyuties

Leeteuk – Angels

Heechul – Petals or Undeads

Ryeowook – Ryeosomniacs

Sungmin – Mings or VitaMins

Eunhyuk – Jewels

Donghae – Fishies/Fishes

Yesung – Clouds

Hangeng – Gengster

Kangin – Camomile

Shindong – ShinFriends

Siwon – Siwonest

Kibum – Snower

Super Junior M:

Henry – Strings

Zhou Mi – Honeys or Mitangs

Teen Top:

CAP – Cappers | Captives | Captain

Chunji – Chunsas (Angels)

Niel – emotioNIELs

L.Joe – LJjangs

Ricky – Lovelies

Changjo – Changsters

U-Kiss (Unofficial but widely known):

Soohyun - Soohyunites
Eli - Elisonaics
Alexander (Former) - Xanderettes
AJ - AnJels
Hoon - Hoonstars
Kibum (Former) - Bumsters
Kiseop - Kiseopians
Dongho - Dongholics
Kevin - Kevinites (Unsure)

I take this from SuMandu !

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