Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yunho And Changmin To Come Back As TVXQ In 2011!

SM Entertainment released a statement on TVXQ‘s website on November 23rd saying that “2011, TVXQ is returning to everyone.”

The statement goes on to say that after the three members (Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun) left, Yunho and Changmin didn’t create anything musically for a year.

Both SM Entertainment and the two members wanted to bring TVXQ back to the fans who have waited so long which is why they are now returning from their hiatus.

The company also says that as the courts have ruled that any TVXQ actitives must be done through SM Entertainment and JYJ didn’t respond to their requests to continue as a five-member band and so the company made the decision to have Changmin and Yunho return.

SM Entertainment says that they are not ruling anything out for the future in terms of group activities but that this is the best way to keep the band alive. Yunho and Changmin will be coming back as TVXQ in January 2011.


Supporting Yunho and Changmin just as much as JYJ is of course a must but what do you think about only the two of them using the TVXQ name when TVXQ has always been five members?

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